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You’ve probably found this page because you received an email from someone who uses our service. Postmark helps companies get their email to the inbox, without the hassle of managing servers. Learn more about Postmark.

What is mtasv.net?

This domain is used exclusively by Postmark's mailservers for identification, authentication, and bounce processing. If you’re spotting the mtasv.net domain in the header of an email you’ve received (for example within the message ID, the Return-Path, or the DKIM signature) that email was processed via Postmark.

Postmark’s rigid no-spam policy

Here at Postmark, we take our sending reputation seriously and we won’t allow any senders to use Postmark to send unsolicited messages or spam. Period.

All Postmark customers need to follow key email best practices. You can only send to recipients who agreed to receiving email from you and you can’t use Postmark to send to a list that’s been purchased or rented from a third party. For a complete overview of our requirements for senders and what kind of emails you can send with Postmark, check out the acceptable use and conduct section within our Terms of Service.

What to do if you've received spam

If you've received an email from mtasv.net that you believe is unsolicited, please let us know immediately. Simply forward the email to abuse@postmarkapp.com so we can investigate. We take every spam report seriously, and if we discover the sender of the email is abusing the mtasv.net domain, we'll disable that user's account from sending any additional email.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. You can reach us at support@postmarkapp.com.